About Medi Teddy

Ella with “Bailey”, her Medi Teddy

Ella with “Bailey”, her Medi Teddy

How to use Medi Teddy:

When a child receives his or her Medi Teddy, the first thing to do is give it a name! This special bear stays with your child and is not shared between children. This allows closer bonding and cuts down on the spread of germs. Medi Teddy comes with an instructions for use card in the packaging.

Caregivers: take Medi Teddy home and wash it (gently), store in a safe place, and bring to your child’s next infusion.

A note about chemotherapy: chemo is a special kind of drug and requires special contact safety measures. We are working on a barrier bag to place between the chemo and Medi Teddy, but for now hang Medi Teddy on the compatible fluid piggy backed with chemo and turn the pole to shield the child from the bag of chemotherapy.

Medi Teddy has a very special and unique job to do and isn’t made for sleep or play.

Like most comfort items, Medi Teddy isn’t sterile,

but neither is an IV bag or IV tubing in most infusion settings. Doctors, nurses, transport staff, and even parents touch the outside of IVs bags and tubing all the time. Sometimes we do this to help a child move from wheelchair to bed, use the toilet, change IV poles, or simply to organize cords, wires, and tubing.

Think of Medi Teddy in the same way you would a special blankie, pillowcase, or stuffed animal brought from home to provide comfort in a scary and overwhelming setting. .

Medi Teddy does not touch medication, simply the outside of the bag of IV fluids.

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Dear Doctors and Nurses - we love you and we know this adds an extra step for you.

We know what special people you are. We know the long hours you work, the holidays you miss with your families, the lunch breaks you don’t take, the messes, the spills, the smells!

We know this adds an extra step for you. From the bottom of our hearts - thank you for all that you do!