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Our mission has grown. We have met our goal and are proud to be able to donate well over 500 Medi Teddys™️ to children in hospitals this Fall.

We will continue to raise money and accept donations in order to give away as many Medi Teddys as we can (see our donate page). But, we realized quite quickly, we can’t do this alone.

In an effort to expand our mission, we are now giving individuals, hospitals, corporations, foundations, and charities the opportunity to purchase Medi Teddys so that you, too, can give Medi Teddys away personally to children (or adults) of your choosing. Your purchase will do good and allow us to continue to fund our Medi Teddy Charity.

We are working on individual and bulk order pricing and shipping. Please be patient with us; it will take a few months for us to have the inventory that is desired.

We can’t change what these brave children must go through, but together we can make it a little less scary. With gratitude and thanks - Ella and the entire Casano Family

This is a pre-order form only. There is no obligation at this time.

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